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Get Paid for Taking People to Coinstash

Start building towards your Financial Freedom today. By taking people to Coinstash, you earn a commission for every trade they make. Did someone say passive income?

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Lifetime Income on All Referrals

You make money every time you refer someone to Coinstash and they trade. Forever. Now that’s Simple.

Beginner - 33% of trade fees

Most affiliates start as a beginner. Earn a third of the trade fees of your referrals, for life.

Intermediate - 40% of trade fees

Bringing six-figure trading volume to Coinstash? Now we are talking! Earn 40% every month you hit our target!

Are you a Pro? Let’s make a deal!

If you consider yourself to be an influencer or social media pro, we would love to hear from you!

Why Become an Affiliate?

The Coinstash Affiliate Program is a great way for you to spread the word of crypto in your community.

Earn in Bitcoin or $$$

You can make 33% or more of the fee every time one of your referrals trades crypto. Start referring now! You can choose to earn in Bitcoin if you wish!

Cash Out Anytime

Accessing your earnings has never been easier. Coinstash has a quick and simple cash-out system. You can withdraw to your bank account in real time.

Monthly Passive Income

At Coinstash, we will calculate and pay out your previous month’s earnings during the first week of each month. On time. This is true passive income.

How Does it work

It’s pretty simple, actually — become a Coinstash Affiliate in three quick steps.

Invite Anyone

After registering as an affiliate, share your referral link on social media, crypto forums, or communities. Find your referral link under the ‘refer a friend’ section of your Coinstash dashboard.

Get Them to Trade

Remember, your earnings are dependent on your referrals’ monthly trading volume. Get them to start trading by sharing crypto news and educating them about crypto!

Get Paid

We will share with you your monthly performance during the first week of the following month, and credit your Coinstash account with your earnings in Bitcoin. You can choose to keep your earnings in Bitcoin or cash out in AUD to your bank! Simple.

Let’s Get Started!

Create your free account on Coinstash and start earning $$$ today.

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