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OTC Crypto

Trading Desk

Execute large trades with zero slippage, superior pricing and personalised broker support.
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Australia's Premier OTC Crypto Trading Desk

Why Trade OTC With Coinstash?

1,000+ Digital Assets

Buy, sell and trade over 1,000 + digital assets, including NFTs.

Deep Liquidity With No Slippage

Tap into our global liquidity networks to secure the tightest spreads with no slippage.

Quick and Flexible Settlements

Lock in your desired price and settle trades instantly or within 24 hours.

Superior Pricing

Enjoy an all-in-one price, with no hidden fees or charges, that is lower than our closest Australian competitors.
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Australian Owned & Operated

Trusted OTC Crypto Trading

Trusted by over 30,000+ Aussie investors everyday. Join our growing community now.

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Australian Owned
AUSTRAC Registered
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Coinstash is registered with AUSTRAC and is compliant with local Australian regulations as a digital currency exchange provider.


Coinstash is audited annually by an independent third-party, with financial statements lodged to ASIC.


Founded in 2017, Coinstash is one of the longest-running and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia.

Award-Winning Trading

Trade Over 1,000+ Coins

Build your crypto portfolio with access to the largest variety of cryptocurrencies in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OTC trading involves the direct trading of cryptocurrencies between two parties, without using a traditional exchange. These transactions are typically mediated by an OTC desk, which acts as a matchmaker between buyers and sellers.

OTC trading offers various benefits including access to better liquidity, privacy, flexibility, price negotiation and personalised support. Because of this, OTC is often a preferred method of trading for high-volume transactions.

Coinstash OTC has established itself as the premier trading desk for traders seeking a seamless and professional OTC experience in Australia. Enjoy access to over 1,000+ coins, and leverage our global liquidity networks to secure zero slippage and competitive pricing, that is lower than our closest Australian competitors.

Coinstash OTC is open to any traders looking to buy or sell large volumes of crypto, typically over $20,000 AUD. We cater to businesses, institutions, sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals, and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).

All coin listed on the Coinstash exchange are available through our OTC service, along with other digital assets including NFTs. If you're looking to trade something we don’t have listed, please reach out - if there’s liquidity in the market, we can get pricing for you.

Grow Your Crypto Portfolio, Safely

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