Coinstash Launches the ‘Aussie Bundle’ in Collaboration with Investified

authorBy Chris Graham
Published 08:45 Sep 04, 2023
Last update 05:45 Nov 30, 2023
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A Simple Way to Invest in Australia’s Top Crypto Projects

Brisbane, Australia – September 5, 2023 – Coinstash, one of Australia's most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, is thrilled to unveil the Aussie Bundle, the latest innovation in its Bundle feature lineup. This first of its kind investment package offers users the opportunity to easily invest in top-tier crypto projects that are proudly Australian. The Aussie Bundle is a collaborative effort between Coinstash and Investified, a leading crypto education platform in Australia.

About the Aussie Bundle

The Aussie Bundle was designed to offer Australian investors a simple way to invest in and support the best of the Australian crypto industry. It comprises a curated mix of coins that have been developed by Australian teams and projects. With heavyweights from the Gaming realm, Decentralised Finance (DeFi), and the burgeoning Metaverse included, the Aussie Bundle serves as a one-stop solution for investors seeking diversified yet focused exposure to Australia's most promising crypto ventures.

The Best of Australia

Fueled by a joint ambition to amplify Australia's significant contributions to the global crypto ecosystem, Coinstash and Investified collaborated to bring the Aussie Bundle to life. "Creating this bundle is a reflection of our shared belief in Australia's burgeoning crypto sector and its global impact. Together, we wanted to provide investors from our communities and beyond with a simple one-click solution to get exposure to the very best of the Australian crypto industry", expressed Grant Collins, CMO of Coinstash.

How the Aussie Bundle Works

Investing in the Aussie Bundle is simple. Available exclusively on Coinstash’s user-friendly app and platform, users can invest in the Aussie Bundle with AUD in one simple transaction. Once purchased, each asset within the Bundle is equally allocated to your portfolio, saving you the time and energy of buying each coin individually. One click, multiple investments - it's that simple. 

About Coinstash 

Coinstash is one of the most well established and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Australia, with over 25,000 registered clients. Founded in 2017, Coinstash is proudly Australian owned and operated, and AUSTRAC registered. 

With support for the most assets in Australia, Coinstash makes it simple and safe to buy, sell, earn, and trade over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies. With competitive fees, low spreads, and a feature-packed app, Coinstash is the go-to platform for all your crypto needs in Australia. For more information, please visit

About Investified

Investified is a leading player in the Australian cryptocurrency and stock education space. Co-founder of Investified, Zac Povolny, shared his delight about co-creating the Aussie Bundle, saying “We’re excited to create a bundle that represents the best Australia has to offer in the crypto arena. Despite often being overlooked, the Australian crypto sector is a significant global force, home to several world-renowned projects, and we're delighted to work with Coinstash to give investors an easy way of getting exposure to it." For additional information, please visit

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Growth Marketing Manager, Coinstash

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A Simple Way to Invest in Australia’s Top Crypto Projects

About the Aussie Bundle

The Best of Australia

How the Aussie Bundle Works

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