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Meet the new and improved Coinstash

authorBy Chris Graham
Published 04:52 Jul 06, 2023
Last update 05:24 Nov 30, 2023
5 Min Read
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Today we are excited to reveal the official brand refresh of Coinstash.

We've upgraded the Coinstash you've come to know and trust, with a revitalised look, an enhanced web app, and an even more intuitive mobile experience, all designed to reflect our evolving vision and mission. 

Why Refresh the Coinstash Brand? 

The Coinstash journey began in 2017, when the cryptocurrency industry was in its infancy. Bitcoin was still emerging, Ethereum was taking its first steps, and many other blockchain concepts were just budding concepts on white papers. However, the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology was evident. 

Inspired by this potential, we saw an opportunity to provide the Australian market with a user-friendly platform to easily access and exchange their cryptocurrencies. Our mission was clear - to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies.

Fast forward to today, and Coinstash has made significant progress. Serving over 25,000 users, raising two successful crowd-sourced funding rounds, acquiring an AFS licensee company, and gaining numerous accolades, we've become one of Australia's foremost and most trusted crypto exchanges. But we aren't resting on our laurels.

The crypto landscape has grown and changed immensely in a few short years. We've witnessed major crypto market swings, Bitcoin's (BTC) historic peak at US$69,000, the rise of Stablecoins, Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Web3 space. 

As the industry evolves and matures, we embrace the need to adapt and grow alongside it. We are witnessing an exciting shift in the crypto space, with more seasoned traders and investors entering the market from traditional finance, demanding a higher degree of proficiency and trustworthiness from their chosen crypto trading platforms.

Built by investors, for investors, Coinstash is more than just a crypto exchange - we are a community with a shared belief in the power of crypto to change the world. Together, we strive to empower investors to unlock the potential value of crypto to build a new, better financial future for all.

To meet these shifting market dynamics, we've embarked on a strategic brand rejuvenation. This includes modernising our brand assets to resonate with our forward-looking vision and better reflect the aspirations and needs of our increasingly sophisticated clientele. This brand evolution is our commitment to meet and exceed the demands of the rapidly changing crypto industry, now and in the future.

What’s Next for Coinstash?

The launch of our refreshed brand is an important milestone, but it's just the beginning of an ambitious journey. This revamp is the first of many strategic steps in our product roadmap, charting the course towards delivering the best crypto investing experience possible.

Coinstash will continue to launch the next generation of crypto trading and investing products. In the coming months, you can expect a host of new innovative offerings, including Coinstash Private, Automations, Derivatives and more, designed to take your crypto investing to the next-level. 

So, welcome to the new era of Coinstash. We are excited for you to join us on our journey.

Together, let's build the future of crypto.

The Coinstash Team


Why Refresh the Coinstash Brand?

What’s Next for Coinstash?

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