Coinstash Introduces Support for the Solana Ecosystem

authorBy Chris Graham
Published 11:58 Jun 17, 2024
Last update 12:08 Jun 18, 2024
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Dear Coinstashers,

We are excited to announce that Coinstash has added DeFi support for the Solana ecosystem!

Coinstash users can now seamlessly buy and sell Solana tokens (SPL) directly on our platform. This addition builds on our existing support for networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, and many others, further simplifying your crypto investing experience. 

The Solana ecosystem has seen a remarkable surge in popularity over the past year, giving rise to many of this year's most talked-about tokens. With this integration, accessing the latest and most popular Solana tokens is now easier than ever. Whether you’re interested in newly emerging tokens or established favourites, Coinstash provides a secure and convenient gateway to explore the dynamic world of Solana.

Only Possible on Coinstash

Until now, Australian crypto traders and investors who wanted access to the Solana ecosystem had to navigate the complexities of managing multiple crypto wallets, apps, or browser extensions to keep track of their assets across various platforms. With this Solana DeFi integration, Australians can now access the world of Solana effortlessly. Our built-in DeFi aggregator allows you to buy and sell SPL tokens directly on Coinstash. We are proud to be the only centralised Australian crypto exchange with native DeFi technology, enabling you to trade DeFi tokens across multiple networks from one secure platform.

Seamlessly Trade Solana Tokens Now

To start trading Solana tokens, simply sign up or login to your Coinstash account and select your preferred Solana-based token to trade. 

For any assistance or queries regarding Solana Swaps, feel free to contact our customer support team.

Happy Trading!

The Coinstash Team


Only Possible on Coinstash

Seamlessly Trade Solana Tokens Now

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