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What is TFUEL?

There are two native tokens on the Theta blockchain, Theta Fuel (TFUEL) and Theta token (THETA). TFUEL is the utility token which also acts as a gas token for the blockchain. Theta blockchain is a project founded to revolutionise the video streaming industry. Theta Labs has launched Theta TV, where people can live stream what is primarily gaming, crypto or other tech-focused content. In January 2021, World Poker Tour (WPT) added the Theta Network protocol to its platform and Theta TV has since been live streaming a 24/7 WPT content. WPT has also joined with Theta Labs to create a poker NFT market. TFUEL was created when the team realised they needed a highly liquid and tradable token to facilitate the high volume of transactions. Advertisers can pay viewers to reward engagement, THETA users can also earn TFUEL by sharing their computational power. The blockchain uses a combined consensus mechanism known as Multi-level Byzantine fault tolerance. This consensus mechanism allows it to handle very high transaction levels while maintaining security. One of the key features of the blockchain’s security is the use of guardian nodes to ensure its decentralisation.

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