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What is THETA?

Theta looks to address one of the largest problems in the modern consumption of media; online video platforms cannot handle the demands on infrastructure caused by more eyes and newer technologies (4k, 8k services) which causes higher loading time and buffering for large parts of the world or ΓÇÿlast mileΓÇÖ issues as it is known in the industry. Another challenge is the centralization and controls on creators, meaning less revenue is generated and passed on to content creators. Theta is a bespoke Content delivery network (CDN) protocol that incentivises users to share unused memory and bandwidth to provide cache and to relay video streams across the network. Providing access to a global network of peer to peer streaming, high bitrate music streaming, movies, streaming services, data delivery and more, Theta fills a niche in the market currently unexplored by other projects. Utilizing the ethereum network (ERC-20) for its security and efficiency, Theta aims to reach a consensus on reputational scores (Global Reputational Score) for caching nodes; as the block rewards are dependent on the reputational scores of the node that mined the block. This means not only the mining of blocks but the relaying of service downstream to users. Proof of engagement is used to confirm that viewers are legitimately consuming and engaging with content, providing more transparency and the opportunity for rewards in the form of Theta for engagement.

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