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What is ARDR?

ARDR is the governance token of the Ardor blockchain, a multi-chain platform designed with the aim of addressing existing blockchain technology problems and scalability issues. Ardor’s unique design introduces a parent and child chain network where transaction processing and security is performed by the Ardor “parent” chain for the whole platform. All business-ready functionalities are processed on the permissionless and permissioned child chains. Ardor uses a 100% Proof-of-Stake consensus. All child chains are connected and share the same code which allows completely decentralised child chain token trading in between one another. Transactions on one child chain have the ability to access data on another child chain. Child chains use their own native token as a unit of value for paying transaction fees. Transactions that are processed through the child chains are incorporated into the parent Ardor chain due to the nature of how Ardor was designed. The network contains a process that is able to group child chain transactions into the parent chain blocks, this process also authorises application owners to sponsor transaction fees for their end users. As Ardor uses the Proof-of-Stake system, the total supply of ARDR tokens has already been created. Miners in this case are replaced with “forgers” who verify the blocks and therefore receive a proportion of the transaction fees paid on the network.

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