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What is Litecoin (LTC)?

Litecoin is a digital, decentralized currency that shares its early history with Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, LTC can be used to buy things online or transfer money peer-to-peer worldwide. No centralized authority controls Litecoin’s network, so it prioritizes user privacy and security.


Litecoin uses Scrypt, a different hashing algorithm than Bitcoin, to shorten the time it takes to generate new blocks of transactions. As a result, Litecoin’s network has higher transaction speeds and lower fees than Bitcoin. For example, Litecoin processes 56 transactions per second, while Bitcoin only processes 7 per second.


What is LTC used for?


LTC is a crypto token primarily used for digital payments. Since it features superior transaction speed, it’s often used as an affordable alternative to Bitcoin for transferring money. LTC is also widely accepted by both online and offline merchants.


How do I sell LTC?


It’s easy to sell LTC in Australia by joining a trusted trading platform like Coinstash. Simply log in to your account and enter the amount of LTC you want to sell. Or, you can select the option to enter the equivalent amount of AUD. Then click Sell LTC. It’s as simple as that!


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Why should I trade Litecoin with Coinstash?


Coinstash AU is one of the highest-rated crypto platforms in Australia. Since 2017, we’ve been a one-stop crypto solution for thousands of customers.


People love our great customer support, easy-to-use interface, industry-leading security, and other innovative features. We’re also an AUSTRAC registered exchange and have an AFSL license so that you can trade with confidence.


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