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What is HOT?

HOT is a token on the Holochain protocol. Holochain was engineered to open the doors to a distributed Internet with a focus on user autonomy in mind. Holochain changes how users distribute, store and process data and the goal is to establish 'a more human Internet'. Holochain is looking to create an Internet that serves individuals and not corporations, an Internet where relationships and interactions are not dictated or disregarded by centralised entities. Holochain allows users to take control of their online data and identity when connecting with decentralised applications without the need for a centralised entity. Distributed Holochain applications (hApps) can also be built on the Holochain network as it allows users to create a distributed peer-to-peer web applications quickly and efficiently. Holochain has the infrastructure for global companies such as Facebook or Twitter to store their data on the network without any centralised data centres or storage centres. HOT is an ERC-20 token sold by Holochain as an IOU for HoloFuel. HotFuel will be used to pay gas fees on the Holochain protocol after the Holo Beta release. HOT will be accepted as a straight swap 1 to 10 for HoloFuel during the 6-month swap period after the Beta release. Users will still be able to purchase HoloFuel with HOT after the 6-month guarantee period but the price may vary from 1:1.

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