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Investing takes time. Earn does it for you with up to 20.01% p.a. passive rewards. Grow your portfolio without the need to trade.

No Lock-up

No Lock-up

Withdraw your savings at any time, whenever you want.

Rewards calculated daily

Rewards calculated daily

Watch your savings grow and compound automatically.



We're a fully regulated exchange and control an Australian Financial Services Licensee*

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* All advertised rates are based on if you were to redeem your reward points for cryptocurrency at the time of earning the reward. Rates are subject to change.

Answers to common questions we receive.

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What is Coinstash Earn?

Coinstash Earn is our way of rewarding you for holding cryptocurrency on the Coinstash platform, enabling you to earn a rate of return p.a.

Coinstash Earn is an Australian solution to earn an extra yield on crypto in the form of points that can be redeemed for rewards such as more crypto or to purchase exclusive Coinstash merchandise.

To earn rewards in the form of points just deposit into your Coinstash Earn account and after 24 hours you’ll start earning! It’s as simple as that.

The value of your points is tied to the respective asset. For example, earning one Coinstash BTC Point is worth one Bitcoin (BTC), two Coinstash Ethereum Points is worth two Ethereum (ETH), and so on. Points are not a cryptocurrency and are non-transferrable.

The reward points you earn on your crypto can be redeemed on the Coinstash platform for rewards such as cryptocurrency or a range of physical goods (including exclusive Coinstash merchandise).

More rewards and redemption options will become available in the future!

Not all cryptocurrencies can be staked.

Coinstash Earn allows you to earn reward points on crypto that cannot be staked, such as Bitcoin, USDC, and more importantly, on an AUD-backed stablecoin.

Yes! Coinstash has partnered with TAU Pty Ltd to bring the Australian dollar stablecoin XAUD to the platform. Convert your 1 AUD for 1 XAUD today and earn 4.20% p.a. on your AUD.

* Coinstash is the controlling entity of Brindabella Investment Group Pty Ltd (AFSL No 510735) which is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Coinstash Earn is a loyalty scheme and is not provided as a financial product under the aforementioned AFSL

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